Pristine Product Photography pricelist 2019

We charge a fixed price per product image based on the product category and size, and the number of shots required. So whatever your project, the cost of your product photography is easy to work out.
The prices below are an indication of costs only, and we can provide a free, no obligation quote that will include all costs with no hidden extras.

More information about Pristine Product Photography's services can be found at the frequently asked questions page.

For commercial photography and studio photoshoots, get in touch with Pristine Product Photography.

  • What's included
  • High-quality photography
  • Standard retouching of product photographs
  • Internet or print resolution images
  • Instant internet delivery
  • Extensive usage rights
  • Fast turnaround

  • Optional extras
  • Additional retouching
  • Creative design
  • Express service

5 20 images*
21 50 images
 50+ images

Small products
e.g. beauty products
$24 / image
$21 / image
$18 / image
Larger products
e.g. homewares
$38 / image
$34 / image
$29 / image

* Minimum 5 images - A studio set-up fee will apply for fewer than 5 images.
Prices include standard post-processing and are inclusive of all taxes and charges, and are based on images of a single product per image with a plain white background and standard post-processing for promotional usage.
Pricing does not include clothing or jewellery or any items considered by Pristine Product Photography to be too large, small, heavy or complicated for a standard studio set-up - please contact us to inquire about these items.

Want more than a standard product photography shot?
Sometimes you might want a more complex or sophisticated product photography image to really stand out from your competition and so we offer a range of options that will enhance the look of your product photography.

Product photography options

Group product photography
To show off a set of items, choose the group product photography option. The products will be arranged in an attractive fashion that displays them beautifully.

Group product
                      photography by Pristine Product Photography Gold

Product + packaging
Up to 3 small products or items
Up to 6 small products or items
Large or 7+ products

$28 / image
/ image
$48 / image
Contact PPP

Additional post-processing
If you're product needs etching out of the background or extra clean-up, then additional post-processing is available. We can also add graphics or text.
                    photography post-processing by Pristine Product
                    Photography Gold Coast

Deep etching or additional clean-up
Graphic design/modification

$60 / hour
$80 / hour

Product reflections and shadows

Reflections or shadows may produce a more pleasing image, so we are happy to offer this as an optional extra.
Product Photography with Reflection

Product reflection
Product shadow

From 30% extra
From 30% extra

Clothing and fashion photography
We can shoot your clothing range in whatever style you need - from a simple flat-lay shot to a themed fashion shoot
Flat-lay product photography clothing by Pristine
                  Product Photography Gold Coast

Flat lay
Model shoots

From $32 / image
Contact PPP

Jewellery photography
We are experts at jewellery photography and will really bring out the sparkle in your pieces.
Jewellery photography by Pristine Product
                  Photography Gold Coast
Jewellery photography
From $32 / image

Express service
Sometimes you need things in a hurry and we'll do our best to help!
Express Product Photography

Within 5 days
Within 2 days

30% extra
50% extra

To show your business in action, use our commercial videography service.
Commercial Videography

Video photoshoot

From $140
$80 / hr

All prices are a guide only and the exact price will depend on the nature of the product and the shot required. Pristine Product Photography cannot guarantee that all product photography options will be available for all products. Please get in touch to discuss your product photography images and to receive an estimate for the cost of photography and processing of images.

See here for full terms and conditions.