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A selection of the things going on in the Gold Coast product photography studio in Tugun

June 2022 - Website update

The Pristine Product Photography website has been updated and is now operating on a secure, encrypted server, so working with PPP is safer than ever!

PPP are the leading specialists for product photography on the Gold Coast, so whether your business is big or small, get in touch with Pristine Product Photography in Tugun (QLD 4224) and make sure that your product photography stands out from the crowd.

May 2022 - End of Financial Year

It's almost the end of the financial year and there's still just about time to get your product photography done before June 30th!

If you need to spend your advertising budget or if you'd like to reduce your tax bill, then what better way is there than to get some new breathtaking product photography images to promote your business?

Get in touch with Pristine Product Photography now to arrange your photoshoot.

Examples of product photography on a white background

April 2022 - Beauty & MakeUp Photography

In our studio, we do a LOT of beauty and make-up product photography!

A clean, crisp product photography image is essential if you're selling a beauty product - no one wants to put anything that looks 'a bit off' on their skin!

One the biggest challenges for anyone trying to do product photography of make-up is getting the colours exactly as they should be. Did you know that your iPhone camera will change the colours of your product? Or that the colour of the light you shoot the product in will be visible in the image? That's why you need professional product photography!

Fortunately, here at PPP, we have all the equipment and experience to beautifully and faithfully represent your beauty or make-up online and in print.

Grid of beauty products and makeup on a white background

Pristine Product Photography offers a range of options to show your beauty products at their best, so get in touch now to arrange your photoshoot.

March 2022 - eCommerce Photography

Selling your product on Amazon or other eCommerce sites? Then you need professional eCommerce photography!

The biggest challenge on eCommerce websites like Amazon and Shopify is to get your product noticed over everyone else's and then to quickly and simply explain why your product is better than the competition's product.

PPP offers eCommerce photography packages, and we even guarantee that your images will be compliant with the listing! (Terms and conditions inevitably apply).

As well as product photography on a plain white background, other eCommerce photography options include:
• Text and measurements
• Inset images to show details
• Graphic design
• Enhanced brand content

Grid of Amazon-compliant ecommerce photo listing

Professional eCommerce photography is absolutely essential these days if you're selling on Amazon or other eCommerce sites, so get in touch with PPP now!

February 2022 - Graphic Design

We do graphic design too!

As well as product photography, here at Pristine Product Photography, we can add funky backgrounds, additional text and enhanced design features.

A combination of product photography with enhanced graphic design to produce a striking image is suitable for advertising, social media promotion, and hero shots on your website. Using high-end software like Adobe Photoshop, we can add any background or give your products an extra sparkle ... or a splash, or a drip, or an explosion... whatever you want!

Another graphic design element is additional text and inset zoom pictures to display and explain the details and features of your product. This is very common on e-commerce listings. To get ahead of your competitors, your images should simply and concisely explain why people should buy YOUR product and not your rivals. Inset images and text are a simple and cost-effective way to promote your brand.

Graphic Design Product Photography

Photography and graphic design go hand in hand these days and having Pristine Product Photography do both is the most efficient and cost-effective way to enhance your images!

February 2022 - Jewellery photography

Recently, in the Pristine Product Photography studio, we've been shooting lots of small sparkly things!

There's no getting away from it – jewellery photography is hard. Not only does it involve macro photography, but each piece of jewellery is unique, and they're usually shiny so you can see reflections of the camera (and sometimes, if you're not careful, the photographer!). As well as the shiny gold or silver, there's often a jewel that needs to stand out and shine. No one wants their jewels to look dull and lacklustre, so as well as the specialist macro photography, we'll usually throw in a bit of Photoshop magic to give them a bit of extra sparkle. Also, many clients prefer to have a reflection or a shadow in the images on their jewellery website to give their pictures a bit of sophistication and an edge over their competitors.

Jewellery Photography by Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast

Fortunately, with over 10 years of experience in jewellery photography, Pristine Product Photography are the local experts on the Gold Coast for jewellery and macro photography. No matter what the size or design of your jewellery, we can shoot it so that your jewellery dazzles!

January 2022 - Happy new year from Pristine Product Photography

Welcome to 2022! Let's hope that 2022 is an improvement on the last year or two.
Here at Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast, we're looking forward to shooting a whole bunch of new images for clients new and old. Currently, we are open and shooting as normal and most types of photography are available. Contactless product photography is also available to keep everyone safe.

In 2022, the price for product photography, as well as commercial photoshoots, is mostly the same as last year. There are a couple of tweaks to the pricelist here and there to better represent the time required for photography and studio set-up, but for most studio and product photography, you won't notice any difference.

Similarly, the commercial and product photography services available are mostly the same as last year. The only major difference is that, as well as the Gold Coast, photography is now available to those in northern NSW as the borders have now opened and there are few restrictions whether you want to come to us or we come to you.

Right then, 2022 is here, so let's get on with it!

Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast

May 2021 - Large product photography

Here at Pristine Product Photography, although we're experts at macro photography and shooting the small stuff, we're also the Gold Coast's leading commercial photographers for large products, no matter how big! For large items, it's often impractical to shoot them in the studio or, sometimes, even to move the products very far, so in that case, Pristine Product Photography can come to you and can set up a mobile photography studio in your warehouse or factory. In other cases – for example, when photographing cars – it might be easy to move your product but it may be too big for standard photography in the studio. But that's no problem as Pristine Product Photography partners with a number of commercial spaces and studios on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane where your product will fit with room to spare. So, no matter what the size or type of product, we'll be happy to photograph it!

Here's an example of a fairly large product that Pristine Product Photography photographed recently – a mountain bike car rack. Logistically, it was simpler to shoot in the factory and so we loaded up the car with lights, stands and even a white backdrop to set up a mobile shoot on site. Once we'd set up the studio in the factory, the product photography photoshoot was fairly simple and the results were great!

Large bike rack on a white background

May 2021 - Photography that makes a splash!

Here's a very pretty picture of a face serum with a big green splash behind it. It's probably no surprise when I tell you that this shot was not photographed with a bottle hanging magically in the air while the liquid splashed behind it. No, this image is a combination of product photography and graphic design to merge the images of the product and the splash together.

If you'd like your product to stand out from the crowd with a bit of extra graphic design pizazz, then get in touch with Pristine Product Photography now!

Make Up with green splash

February 2021 - Promote your online business with Pristine Product Photography

In 2020, an awful lot happened and one of the consequences was that online shopping became even more dominant in Australian retail and so your business cannot afford to have anything but the very best product photography. To make sure your business and products stand out from the crowd, get in touch the Gold Coast's leading product photography specialists!

Established in 2011, Pristine Product Photography is the Gold Coast's leading product photography studio for online and print advertising, websites and e-commerce. No matter what the size of your project or company, we can economically photograph your products and have your high-resolution and web-optimised images delivered on time and within budget.

July 2019 - Bicycle Stand Product Photography

Well, we've had surfboard photography on the blog, so time to add another one of my loves and for some bicycle photography. Actually, this was not product photography for the bike but for the stand, which is a great bit of kit for the serious cyclist from TeeKay Industries on the Gold Coast.
Bicycle and Stand on a white background

June 2019 - Furniture photography

As well as product photography of small things on a white background, we can shoot big things in a lifestyle photography setting, like this sofa that we shot in the studio recently. To photograph large items like furniture or beds, we sometimes shoot them in the studio, either against a white background or in a lifestyle setting like this, but often we'll shoot them on location so that we get exactly the style of photography to show your products in their best light. If you have large items like furniture to photograph or if you'd prefer a lifestyle photography setting for your products, get in touch with Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast and we'll advise you about the best and most cost-efficient way to shoot your products.

Blue Sofa beneath mirror with coffee tables

March 2019 - Reflective product photography

One thing that most people will struggle with if they try to do their own product photography is with reflective products. Unless you have the right equipment and a great deal of experience, it almost certainly won't be of a professional standard (which is why you should use a professional product photographer!) and it won't reflect well on your company (excuse the pun). But here at Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast, we do have the equipment and the knowhow! Here's a picture of some very shiny beauty products that we recently photographed in the product photography studio. For this image, we photographed the scissors individually and then stitched the photos together in Photoshop and added a reflection too for a more sophisticated product photography image. I like this shot - it looks like the scissors are dancing!  

Shiny Scissors on a white background with a

January 2019 - Health supplement product photography

Here's a nice colourful product photography image from a shoot this week with Perfect Supplements Australia. This image is a little more sophisticated than a standard product photography shoot as it's not only of a group of products, but also has a fading reflection. A shot like this is good for demonstrating your range or for offering packages of several products at once. The positioning of the products, lighting, and post-production of the images is key for high-quality product photography like this and it really shows off your brand in its best light!

Health supplements on a white background with a reflection

January 2019 - Product photography with added graphic design

For this photoshoot of a laser distance meter, we wanted to highlight some important features and to add some explanatory text. Many clients, particularly those advertising on Amazon, Shopify, etc., like to be able to add this essential info to their product photography images as it instantly tells the potential purchaser all they need to know and will improve the sales of your product. Here at Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast, as well as being expert product photographerts, we can add text, highlight features and use graphic design to really make your product stand out from the crowd!

Example of an Amazon-compliant image of a laser meter

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