Product Photography Preparation

Below is a general guide to preparing your products for their big day in the studio. To get the best product photography images, it's important that the items are in the best condition possible. Not only will items that are not in a suitable condition for product photography produce an inferior result, but dirty or damaged items may attract additional charges if extra post-processing is required to tidy them up. As every product is unique and below is a very general guide, please get in touch before sending your products to Pristine Product Photography if you have any questions.

Products must be clean

All products should be cleaned before being sent to Pristine Product Photography. Gloves should be worn when cleaning products as fingerprints really stand out. Some products (e.g. jewellery) may require specialist cleaning.

Labels should be straight for product photography

Labels should not be crooked and should be lined up with the product.
Similar products should have their label in the same place and orientation.
Unwanted labels (e.g. price tags) should be removed.
Make sure that any seams or joins are straight and do not run through the centre of the product or label.

Protective wrappings should be left on

Protective coverings (e.g. shrink wrapping) should be left on unless removal is required for cleaning. All protective coverings will be removed before photography unless otherwise specified.

All products should be undamaged

Please make sure that all products are sent in suitable packaging so that they arrive in an undamaged condition suitable for product photography.

Items should be packaged separately

Whenever possible, individual items should be sent in individual bags/boxes that are labelled with a description of the product and a description of the photograph(s) required.

An inventory should be included

Please include a complete and detailed list of every individual item in each package.

A list of product photographs required should be included

As well as the list of products, please provide a list of photographs required.
If possible, reference individual photographs with individual items.

Arrange appropriate insurance

Pristine Product Photography accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of items during photography. Appropriate insurance must be arranged by the client prior to the shoot. Jewellery and other valuable items will not be accepted by Pristine Product Photography without appropriate insurance.

Intellectual property rights for all products are the client's responsibility

Goods manufacturers may have restrictions on the use of their logo or products on third-party websites. If you are selling or representing goods from a company other than your own, any intellectual property rights regarding product photography must be ascertained before photography commences.

Shipping products to Pristine Product Photography

Pristine Product Photography is based in Tugun on the Gold Coast in Queensland, just a few minutes from both the M1 and the Gold Coast Highway. Products should only be sent after prior arrangement with Pristine Product Photography. Products can be sent by courier or dropped off personally if that is more convenient.

Collecting products from Pristine Product Photography.

Products must be collected within 28 days of the images being accepted by the client. Personal or courier collection is fine. Please note that food, beauty products or medicinal items that have been opened during photography may not be returned.

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