Re-shoot and modification policy

Sometimes the result of a photoshoot are not what you expected. In general, Pristine Product Photography will do their very best to supply images that meet or exceed your expectations, and if the images are not of sufficient quality we will always re-shoot or make changes at no extra charge. Under certain circumstances, a re-shoot or changes to the images will attract extra charges and these are explained below.

The product photography images are not of sufficient quality

Pristine Product Photography will re-shoot the shots at no extra charge,.

There is a mistake in the images

Pristine Product Photography will re-shoot the shots at no extra charge.

I've changed my mind about the shots

If you change your mind about the shots before the shoot, there will generally be no extra charge as long as the number of shots is the same and the arrangements are similar. If you change your mind when you see the draft shots and inform the photographer within 24 hours, Pristine Product Photography will generally re-shoot the products at no extra charge for the first adjustment at Pristine Product Photography's discretion. If you change your mind once the shots have been processed, replacement images will be charged as additional shots. Once photographed, the client is liable for the cost of all images agreed upon between the client and the photographer in the initial job description (quote, estimate or other correspondence including verbal communication) or at the draft stage, whichever is earlier.

The images are not of suitable resolution/file-type

The resolution and file-type of the shots will be discussed before the shoot. If Pristine Product Photography supplied the shots at the wrong resolution or in the wrong format, then there will be no extra charge for either a re-shoot or for adjustments to the images. If the images were supplied at the specified resolution and file-type, then resolution changes will attract a small extra charge if modification is possible. If modification is not possible and a re-shoot is required, then the new images will be charged as additional shots.

I want the shots on a different background

Sometimes it is possible to transpose a product photograph from one setting to another, although it is always better to let Pristine Product Photography know before the shoot if you wish to manipulate the images once they have been supplied. If it is feasible and you wish to alter the background of the product shot, an additional post-processing fee will be applicable. If the product photographs need to be re-shot, then that will be charged as a new shoot.

Please note that if images are rejected by the client, then usage rights are not granted for those images and the photographs must not be used for any purpose whatsoever by the client. Use of rejected images or images that have not been paid for will be considered a breach of Pristine Product Photography's copyright.

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